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GAR Demolition Services

Professional Demolition Services, 
Cost effective solutions


Soft Strip

Asbestos Survey

Site Preparation


Redundant Asset Strategies & Management

Project Management

Total Property Solutions

Our affiliate company, GAR Demolition, provide professional demolition services across the North-West region.

As a forward-thinking demolition company GAR Demolition continually strive to embrace the latest technologies, to design health and safety into the workplace and offer a competitive commercial service.


Demolition is more than simply removing a built structure.  It is about preparing for future development and optimising the re-use and recycling of materials and resources to protect the environment.  At GAR Demolition, we are committed to meeting environmental targets and aim to maximise the reuse and recycling of project materials.


Our plant and equipment strategies enable us to utilise the latest reliable equipment ensuring we do not place unnecessary cost on the job through over design of the process.


We understand that the quality of our service is determined by the quality of our people and therefore focus on continuous professional development and operational training to ensure that our work force are professionally informed.  Single point project management from job costing to delivery enables us to deliver a personal service and provide a firm platform for the continuous improvement of our operational capabilities.

Recycling, Reclamation
& Re-Sale

Building Reclamation

We store and can access a range of including timbers, steel joists, portal frames and roofing materials. Please contact us with your requirement.

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